Talk to Me

Corinna Michels

2013-06-26 09.10.12


8 responses to “Talk to Me

  1. Juliet Betro

    The site looks amazing! I’m already subscribed!

  2. julie robertson

    I love this website and can hardly wait to see what new adventures await you. Now I just want to know where you bought your cookie johnson jeans and I’m jealous about the Kindle. You will really be putting it to the test around the world. Keep on packing and unpacking until you find the perfect items for that backpack. I’m sending positive thoughts your way! love Julie

  3. Melissa Georgesen

    Love the site! Thanks for sending it my way- I will be sure to keep updated on your amazing travels. Have a fantastic summer!

  4. Jordan Michels

    I hoping this will make the blog send me an email when there is a new post.

  5. Nena O'Connell

    Cameron y Corinna;

    Julie me dijo que tenia que leer su web-site. Siganse divirtiendo mucho y no se olviden de escribir. Nos vamos a Mexico (Larry no) y no podremos ir a la boda de Coby :(, asi que no los veremos.

  6. Kate

    Keep the pics and stories coming! I love, love, love to read about it and can’t wait to visit!!
    ps i’m sure the boys are sad your classes are done too!!

  7. love the post about the market…all so true…and love the cow snout photos… Merry Christmas…enjoy the rest of your time in Peru



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