Buenos Dias to the U.S. Government Security Monitors!

It has come to my attention that my blog is being monitored. Not in the “I’m on a Fulbright and represent the U.S. Gvmt” kind of way. The more specific “I posted something about a U.S. Embassy employee” way. So I just wanted to acknowledge that, wish everyone a good morning, and say that I hope that they enjoy reading about Colombian culture and my own journey in self discovery…pretty exciting stuff. 😉 



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4 responses to “Buenos Dias to the U.S. Government Security Monitors!

  1. Jordan Michels

    How did this come to your attention?

  2. Margo

    How could anyone not enjoy your well written and lively posts? I can only imagine that it is a bright spot in the day of the poor schmuck whose job it is to monitor.

  3. Shairn Villa

    You mean the men in black with dark glasses? I had a History of Latin America Professor once who said the only way you can tell the Mormon Missionaries from the CIA guys (besides the bicycles) is that the Mormons shine their shoes. (Or was it the other way around?) I guess the good news is that they are monitoring everyone these days. That’s the bad news too!

  4. Sam

    You should record a Chloë video! You’re off to a perfect start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NoVbnv01Qek

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