Domingo at Rio Pance


Families enjoying Rio Pance’s cool waters on a Sunday afternoon

Sundays in Cali, as in most of Latin America, are family days. Whether church is involved or not, Sunday are the day you spend quality time with family and friends. Today we ventured south of Cali to EL Rio Pance, a popular Sunday swimming spot. The river was absolutely packed with people. Many families brought giant pots that they fill with river water to boil and make soup. People BBQ’d, drank beer, jumped off ledges into dangerously shallow water, and floated in the nice cool mini-rapids.


Someone’s river-water soup boiling over a fire, cotton candy for sale in the background.


Photo with the Gringas!


A Cali family chilling in the river


The view looking up Rio Pance

Another favorite Sunday and evening activity in Cali is kite flying. Every evening brings families outside to fly their “cometas.” Every park, empty lot, and grassy round-about fills with families. I don’t think I have flown a kite since I was little, but I’m totally inspired to buy one and give it shot. Looks like there is actually quite a bit of skill involved…Maybe I’ll come home as a expert salsa dancer AND kite flyer. 



A family working on getting their cometas airborne in the lot behind my building.




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One response to “Domingo at Rio Pance

  1. Margo

    The climate looks perfect. Happy to see you plugged into the community, and doing the local fun activities.

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