Viva la Revolución…

Today we toured a couple of Bogota’s many universities. The walls of the Universidad Nacional, the biggest public university, are known for their awesome graffiti art. The school is recognized for their “Alma de Revolución” (revolutionary soul) as you can see by the fact that every wall is covered with social commentary. The university employs a constant team of painters that continually cover the graffiti so that it can be repainted- living art. These photos are a wonderful representation of the general social and political involvement of the youth in Bogota. It’s inspiring. Did I mention that Colombian universities are known for their frequent protests?



When men and women say we are going to dream, we are going to fight.


“Break the chains, unchain the fury of the woman like a powerful force for the REVOLUTION.”


A campus security guard at one of the Universities in downtown Bogota. In the background you can see a street vendor and a couple of the millions of taxis (I’d guess a 3:1 ratio taxis to private cars.)


View of downtown Bogota from a rooftop cafe at Universidad Javeriana.


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  1. Jordan Michels

    Beautiful graffiti!

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