…And we’re back.

Alright folks. The blog is back ON. Here’s the update in a nutshell:

  • Came back from S. America.
  • Moved to San Francisco to start FNP school at UCSF.
  • Meet some cool folks, took some awesome classes, learned more than I thought possible.
  • Got really good at long distance communication with Cameron.
  • On a whim, and with lots of support and encouragement, applied for a Fulbright grant.
  • Actually got the grant!
  • Graduated.
  • Started writing this blog again.

Right now I am anxious, excited, proud, nervous, overwhelmed…I’m a big mess of emotion and change. But I think we all know that this is how I am happiest- looking forward, planning and scheming my next move. And since you are all wondering, no, Cam isn’t coming with me. He’s got a classroom full of kids who love him and a family who he needs to be close to. So we get to put all our long distance skills to the ultimate test…wish us luck.

T minus 1.5 months will find me back in South America but faced with a completely new set of challenges and adventures. So keep reading and give me an excuse to write all about it. =)

Here is a link to an article from a UCSF online news page that talks about the grant.


ImageMy friend Sarah and I enjoying my last couple months in the Bay Area



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3 responses to “…And we’re back.

  1. Shairn

    Hooray Rutasurreal is back! I bookmarked the page… Staying tuned!

  2. Can’t wait to follow your new adventures. I hope the next update comes sooner than 2 years.

  3. Nice post… 🙂 it is great to see how you enjoy what matters in life.

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