Corinna’s Rules to Surviving Carnaval

The owner of our hostel BBQed an entire goat- 3 hours later we feasted.

  • Don’t drink a liter of cheap wine sangria in the 2 pm sun and expect to make it very far into the night.

    Liter sized beer glass outside our hostel

  • Never assume that you will be able to enter your hostel in a moment of need. Just when your bladder is going to explode and you want nothing more than to lay your wine-filled head down for a cat nap, the folks with the keys may disappear into the crowd and leave the door locked. As the owner of the hostel says “Todo es posible, Nada es seguro.”

    Devil costume

  • Never remove your sunglasses. If you think you are safe from getting sprayed in the face with foam or powder rubbed in your eyes, think again. Never let your guard down, wear a hat, and keep your sunglasses on until you go to bed.

Foam in my eyes

  • Forget all you were ever taught about not accepting open drink containers from strangers. All your new ‘friends’ on the street WILL offer you their gigantic plastic cups of random drinks, spray foam floating on top, and unless you want to be unforgivable rude, you MUST take a gulp. Roofies? Herpes? As the Argentines say, “No Pasa Nada!”

    Sharing drinks in the plaza. Cam earned the name Pap Noel (Santa Claus)

  • Talcum powder rules explained to me by 17 year old boy: Guys only get girls and girls only get guys. NO same sex talcum powdering!!!

    After attacking him, these girls posed for a picture.

  • Your chances of getting a private room in a hostel are slim to none. In fact, you will probably be on wobbly, homemade, three level bunk beds packed 9 to a small room. So pack plenty of ear plugs, an eye mask, and at least 3 combination locks. Sleep when and where you can.

    Noon on the first day of Carnaval. one kid even had his Iphone in his hand, mid text.

  • Unless you prefer your bed sheets caked in powder and grime, you must shower at night no matter how late it is or how drunk you are, and despite the fact that there is no hot water. Suck it up and shampoo!

    Street parade

  • Now there is no cold water and you wish you had appreciated that icy shower and stayed in a bit longer because showering in boiling hot water is definitely worse.

    This is what happens when you dare to watch the parade go by.

  • Ok, learn to prefer your sheets caked in powder and grime because now there is NO water and we’re rationing whats left in our water bottle.

    Just your average day on the streets of Tilcara.

  • Never waste time putting on clean clothes. Not only will they just get dirty anyway, but the cleaner you look the bigger target you are.

    Getting Talcum Powdered by a passing girl

  • Dance with as many mullet clad men as possible. Forget blonds, mullets definitely have more fun.

    Dancing at a street party

  • Get out after 3 days, even if the streets are packs with cars and buses trying to do the same thing. Get away from Tilcara, find a hot shower, drink as many liters of water as you can, eat a big salad, and sleep for 15 hours. Now you are ready to continue your trip.


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7 responses to “Corinna’s Rules to Surviving Carnaval

  1. Margo O'Connell

    Corinna, you outdid yourself. This was as well written and descriptive as anything you have posted to date. Fun, creative, informative, descriptive. Thanks again!

  2. Doug "El Jefe" Michels

    You forgot: Do this while you are young enough to think that this sounds like fun. 🙂

  3. mary

    such an awesome post corinna! this sounds like sooo much fun- but it must have been crazy if the rule is 3 days max! glad you guys survived and maybe we should have a foam/talcum powder welcome home party when you guys get back 😀

  4. Pam Abare-Newton

    Love reading your posts.

  5. Juliet

    So jealous! My favorite post so far. Love the pics 🙂

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