How to Put a Condom on a Ripe Plantain

The sun is coming in Huanchaco. It’s a glimpse at what Huanchaco becomes in the summer months of December and January. Suddenly the beach is full of soccer games and candy vendors, kids splashing in the waves in their school uniforms, and couples

Cameron at the beach on a sunny afternoon

using the sandy slope as make-out point. We’ve joined in the beach fun with friday night beach bonfires and ultimate frisbee games. When we drove into Huanchaco for the first time the streets were grey and abandoned. The tourist infrastructure promised something more and we’re finally seeing the potential of Huanchaco at it’s peak. Yey summer!

On Wednesday we gathered a group of co-volunteers and crashed the local Trujillo futbol game against Huancayo. The stadium was about 10%  full- pretty average for Trujillo and as a group of 15 Gringos we definitely didn’t blend in. We found our seats right behind the Supporter Group, decked out in jerseys and making plenty of noise with bicycle horns, drums, and chants. The riot shield and helmet clad police officers in charge of keeping the peace came to stand by our side, but the locals warmly welcomed us into their celebration. Soon we were snapping photos with the police and hugging whoever happened to be at our side when Trujillo managed a goal.

Cheering for Trujillo's futbol team

It was a great time- not to mention my own personal highlights- the papa rellenas, meat on a stick, peanuts, and humitas to snack on. =) Yey street food!

Thursday was my last day of classes with my kids at Colegio San Jose. It was bittersweet- mostly just bitter. I didn’t realize how much I had come to love those kids- especially some of my classes of boys, which were the ones I originally dreaded. The boys made it so obvious by the end how much they needed someone to talk to about this stuff. They had good questions and once we all got comfortable with each other they really opened up. I had a group of medical students from one of the private universities come in and do an AIDS prevention lesson plan with them. It was great because they had enough medical students to split the classes up into small groups for hands on condom/plantain practice. Watching the students giggle and blow up condoms while the medical students in their white coats tried to keep order was actually quite amusing to me.

Some of my 14 year old boys after Condom on the Plantain day.

Knowing that somehow I managed to keep the entire class of 40 entertained and attentive by myself when these spanish speaking university students were struggling in small groups gave me a sense of accomplishment in how far I’d come with my classes. On Wednesday I start a new series of classes in a neighboring school. So far I only have girls classes, which I have mixed feelings about. It’s much easier and less stressful to work with the girls, but I can’t help feeling like the boys need me more.

Our original plan was to stay in Huanchaco for all of Sept. and Oct. November we were to find ourselves teaching English far away in the mountains without running water or Internet. We decided to forego that adventure and spend a few extra weeks in the sun and the beach. The last few days though, we’ve both been feeling the itch to get our bags packed and start moving again. It’s only 12 days until the end of October and we haven’t quite decided if we’ll stay here through mid November or head out sooner. As I write this Cameron is sprawled out on a chair with the Argentina Lonely Planet in hand. So much to do, so much to see. 

Sunset view from our 4th floor apartment

Corinna and Cameron on 80's night. The entire club was empty except for 15 of us gringos dancing our hearts out.



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6 responses to “How to Put a Condom on a Ripe Plantain

  1. Cor! Loved your update! I say more beach and sun for sure!

    It’s too bad I can’t just head your way after Amsterdam….sounds like you guys are having soooo much fun!

    Keep updating us!

    XO, Jenn

  2. I was not even aware plantains were vulnerable to AIDS – keep up the good work.

  3. Margo O'Connell

    Corinna, I love your posts, your adventures, your humor, and your photos. Don’t stop! You make me really happy.

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