Maggot Magic?

Aceite de Chontacurro=maggot oil. Stumbled upon a live demonstration. Traveling salesman rubbing maggot oil on old man’s back for magic cure while live maggots, the size of sidewalk chalk squirm in the nearby tray. 1 oz bottles, only one “dollarito”. I was mesmerized. I bought some- Cam promised he’d rub it on my back. The pamphlet claims that it cures many things including bronchitis, varicose veins, back injury, rheumatism, and stress. mmmmmm.

Chontacuro- the Cure All

The pick-up truck that would supposedly bewaiting at the bottom of the hill wasn’t there and as we started up the 3 k, pothole dirt road hike (not as easy as you’d imagine at 8500 ft- talk about burning lungs!) the afternoon rain started.

Rainy Hike. My smile isn't 100% genuine.

Termas de Papallanta. Worth the long journey.

Hotsprings were worth it. Wonderful.

Quito is great. I could definitely see myself staying here a while. Great public trolleys (although packed to the brim every time- I swear I have never been so absolutely jam packed in a bus. I can see why the trollies some with pick pocket warnings. But hey, you can’t beat a 25 cent fare all the way across town!) wonderful parks, libraries, theaters, museums…

Yesterday we rode a paddle boat around a rather scummy canal in the park. We cuddled a boa constrictor. We ate ice cream.

Paddleboats in Quito

Today we toured churches built in the 1500s, many of them directly on top of Inca temples. Tomorrow we are going to the Middle of the World. One foot on each hemisphere.

Cameron's new best friend.



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6 responses to “Maggot Magic?

  1. Jordan Michels

    Let us know how the maggot oil comes out. Will any kind of maggot work?

  2. Mai

    Corinna and Cam,
    This sounds absolutely wonderful! Just wanted to mention, Make sure you go to the correct middle of the world! Apparently the large mo.nument built by the French is probably off by 150 ft. The correct one is built by the Locals where the incas said it was. It’s a hole in the wall/ mom and pop operation. Also be sure to do the Telefurkia(sp?)- aerial tram.
    Good luck balancing the egg on both sides of the world!

  3. Vic

    I dont get it, did you buy the maggots or just the oil? Buying only the oil seems “less authentic”. Also, if you bought the maggots, I’m wondering where you keep them and what you feed them (aside from cor.)

  4. julie robertson

    Where did you pick up your new best friend Mr. Snake? Was he traveling with maggot man? I bet that maggot oil smells heavenly! Have you tried eating the guinea pig or cavay/cavy SP? yet. I hope Corinna got to have a very memorable birthday–and some delicious eats to go with the special occasion. We are enjoying the fruits of the summer and are going raspberry picking today. Cameron used to call them razzleberries- I will be thinking of you both as I gobble them right off the vine. Take care of each other and enjoy every moment. PS Thanks for sharing your adventures. love mom/julie

  5. Re: Middle of the World. One foot on each hemisphere.

    What direction does the toilet water swirl?

  6. Abbott

    i didn’t know you both could handle such a big snake at the same time.

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