Muchos Misters

From Pasto, Colombia where Cameron and I met, we took a taxi-bus-taxiwalked-collectivo (shared van)-bus-taxi to our hostel is Otavalo, Ecuador. (Don’t worry, after Ecuador we’ll head back to Colombia for more time there)

Welcome to Ecuador!

Otovalo is listed in LP’s top 12 things to do in S America, mostly because it’s Saturday market swells to fill the streets of the whole town. Local people sell local artisan crafts, fruits and vegetables, and my personal favorite, live animals. They had everything from the cute, cuddly guinea pigs (the live version of local delicacy Cuy) to regular pigs of all sizes (some up to my waist) and kinds. Women walked around with their chickens either stuffed in a sack or swinging by their bound feet. It was utter chaos against the backdrop of Ecuador’s mountains. So much fun! I posted a photo album on photobucket with pictures from the market.

Left in charge of the pig sales

Vegetable stand

So far the Ecuadorians have been one of the most friendly, open, welcoming people I have ever met. Not to mention that Ecuador is full of interesting folks from all over the world. We just watched the World Cup Final (Yey Spain!!!) at a local bar with a Chilean, a few Ecuadorians, a Dutchman, and a Colombian.

The name of this blog came from an Ecuadorian named George. George was a vendor on one of our buses, selling soda and potato chips. He stopped to chat and give us advice on where to travel to. When talking about a hot tourist spot called Banos, he paused to practice his English and told us that there were ‘Muchos Misters” in banos, meaning many gringos. The name stuck. =)

Our nest step: Spend a week here in Quito. Beautiful churches, museums, good food…and most importantly my 26th birthday tomorrow!

Eduador mountains

Birthday plans include nearby hot springs (I could spend my entire trip hot spring, beach, and waterfall hopping- water makes me so happy. I guess I’m a true Cancer, huh?) and a good dinner!



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6 responses to “Muchos Misters

  1. Jordan Michels

    Happy Birthhday Corinna!! Daviel and I saw some good shows at the Country Faire and thought of You. Love, Dad

  2. julie robertson

    Happy Birthday World traveler! This will be a birthday you will never forget! Sounds like a splashing clean birthday day you have planned. Must be nice to traveling together again. The market sounds amazing —wish I was there! Love you both! Stay safe! Mom/Julie

  3. Alicia Villa

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! have lots of un in south america!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Corinna! No doubt it will be amazing! Love the blog, keep up the fantastic work!

  5. Lena

    Happy Birthday Corinna! We are thinking about you. I’m so happy for you. Enjoy your beautiful surroundings, your company, your adventure, and the world for all of us! Love, ~Lena M.

  6. Lena

    Hey Corinna!
    Happy birthday from the Northwest. It sounds like you are already having a blast and I am totally jealous.
    I love you,
    Lena S.

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