Secret Lady Stuff

There is nothing quite like celebrating the Goddess with 400 women in a meadow under the Northwest sunshine. Dirty feet, sun-kissed shoulders, glitter and tie-dye, drums, belly dancing, and lots and love are what composed last weekend for me and my sisters. The little girls ran around like a pack of wild fairies, trailing gauzy skits, tangled hair, and more giggling than I have heard in a long time. The teenagers lounged in the sunshine adorning their bodies with henna paste, braiding their hair, and painting designs on their toenails. We laughed, we cried, we crawled into the sweat lodge and sweated like never before, we roasted marshmallows, we swam in the pond, we called the four directions, we burned sage. And now, with my heart open and my love tank full, I’m packed into my backpack and on a plane headed south.

Cameron has been in Colombia for about a week. I have a stopover in San Francisco for a few more good-byes and then I’ll meet him in Bogota. I’m ready for whatever is to come. Here we go…

Breast Impressions


Sisters, mohinesphotography

Sisters, mohinesphotography


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  1. Victor

    Thank God for sisters! You have each other for life and perhaps beyond. I love you all. That Elena is sassy even in how she poses for pictures. No sunset or any other natural beauty has ever captured my attention as has the picture of you three at that moment– it is lovely.

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