Masculinity in Medellìn

Disclaimer: After my last post, I realized that I may have painted a pretty bleak picture of Colòmbia (sorry, Mom). In reality, it’s an awesome country filled with super friendly folks and some entertaining customs. Hopefully, this post will put some minds at ease.

6.26.10 – Medellìn

Still passing the time in Medellìn for the last three days. Still watching plenty of fùtbol. Today I was heartbroken as I watched the US lose 2 to 1 against Ghana. Oh well. Life goes on. At least they advanced out of the group stage. I went to a random sports bar called TimeOut to watch the game. The reason I mention this bar is because they had a really entertaining method of ordering. When you enter the bar-restaurant, they give you a red card and a yellow card. To order something, you hold up the yellow card and a waiter comes and takes your order. To close your tab, you hold up the red card and they bring you the bill. At first, I was a little hesitant to do this, but after watching everyone else do it, it became an entertaining event.

I disgress, Colòmbia has the highest percentage of people who have gotten plastic surgery in the world. As you can imagine, a large majority of the population are extremely concerned with their physical appearances. Beautiful country filled with beautiful people. One of the most entertaining parts of Medellìn is the local weightlifting park near my hostel. At any hour of the day there are tons of men partially lifting weights, but mostly they are just watching people watch them lift weights. I’ve tried my hardest to get a picture of them without being noticed, but the best I could get was a shot from across the street.

Most of the women are extremely done up while the men are supposed to be very machismo and strong. What cracked me up about my adventure to the TimeOut bar was that the two men next to me ordered a couple beers and a basket of wings (nothing un-masculine about that). However, when they got their wings, they came with rubber gloves. You can imagine how entertaining it was to watch these big buff rough and tumble guys daintily eating wings while wearing rubber gloves. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of this or they would have snapped my neck and-or camera like a chicken wing.



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4 responses to “Masculinity in Medellìn

  1. Karen

    Cameron, I absolutely love hearing about these adventures. I’m very impressed to hear all that you’ve done in just the first few days since you’ve been there. I mean, even just going to the hardware store or a bar by yourself–Kerstan and I stayed in our apartment for like the first two weeks we were in China.

    We miss you and Corinna very much in Seattle. Can’t wait to hear more about your journey.

    How’s the coffee in Colombia? My summer school Spanish teacher said it was the best in el mundo!

  2. Real men eat wings with gloves because our masculine sweat otherwise dilutes the hot sauce.

  3. Charlotte&Stefan

    Thanks for the adress of your blog, we’ll definitly check you out every week. Have fun in Colombia, don’t forget your very masculine gloves for all these macho things you are plannig to do over there, haha! To bad we didn’t get a picture. Take care,

  4. mom

    Your wing adventure made me chuckle and the police moments made me shiver! Sorry Uraguay lost to the netherlands! Would have been quite exciting to have them move on! It must be your charming personality which attracts such police companionship! Stay safe and keep us informed of your adventures! loved the pictures on facebook! xo Mom

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