Roller coaster of emotions

6.23.10 – Bogotá

Today has been filled with some serious highs and some serious lows. My day started off just smashingly when the US beat Algeria in the World Cup to advance to the Round of 16. Incredible (although since I’m posting this a week behind, they’ve already lost and are back at home, but for the time being, I was pretty stoked). Fortunately, the rest of the traveleres in the hostal were kind enough to let me watch the game instead of the England match that was on at the exact same time. I thought for sure I was just going to have  to read about in online or something.

After the game, I had a hop in my step and wanted to explore the city. I found a park to sit for a few minutes and catch my breath (Bogotá is roughly 3300m). Two minutes later, a giant police truck turns into the plaza and parks a few meters in front of me. Two cops immediately get out, head over to a nearby local and proceed to search him and ask for his documents. Then, they decide to do the same to me! Although I had absolutely nothing to hide, I was still extremely nervous. Heck, I get nervous crossing the border into Canada to go snowboarding.  After giving me a very through searching (without even taking me out to dinner), they found a folded up piece of paper in my pocket. Happily, I showed them that it was merely a folded up schedule of the World Cup that I had been using to keep track of the upcoming games. After having discovered that they couldn’t fleece a bribe out of me, they eventually let me go on my way.

With my heart pounding, I decided to go grab some food before the next match started and ended up in a local diner where I could get a heaping plate of food for less than $2. After finishing my first part of the meal (the fish-jaw soup seen in the previous post), guess who decides to join me at my table? ANOTHER POLICE OFFICER! We made some small talk while I proceeded to eat my food at a pretty quick pace. After stressing out for another few minutes, it turns out that he was just there to eat lunch too and wanted some company during his me. Wow. Apparently I put on a heavy dose of police perfume in the morning and was attracting every officer of the law in sight.

Hopefully my police pheremones have worn off for the duration of my trip.


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