My Cookie Johnsons

Hi my name is Corinna and I’m a compulsive trip preparation shopper. Yes, I am the first to recognize the irony of selling 90% of my worldly belongings to live out of a backpack for a year while simultaneously making purchase after purchase of travel accessories. So far I’ve accumulated many new “travel clothes”, a microfiber towel, light weight baggage locks, multiple new “travel friendly” toiletries, multiple pairs of shoes- many of which were returned, a Kindle, a new rain gortex rain jacket, and way too many travel books just to mention a few- and this is all after years of collecting travel supplies you’d think I’d be prepared!

But the queen of the purchases: a pair of Cookie Johnson jeans.


Don’t know who Cookie Johnson is? I didn’t either until I carried home my brand new, extremely expensive, and oh-so-perfect designer jeans. First Cameron’s eyes lit up. “You bought JEANS?” You see, I’ve become notorious for my stretch-pants-only style in the last year. I basically quit jeans in exchange for cotton yoga pants…mmmm. Why on earth would I squeeze into a pair of jeans when I could have an expandable waist band instead!? Good ‘ol Cam has never called me out on it, but I could plainly see the joy (relief?) in his face when he said “That’s wonderful that you got JEANS!” I smiled and tucked the price tag out of sight because his smile wouldn’t have withstood that.

So by now you’re REALLY curious about Cookie Johnson aren’t you? Turns out she’s Magic Johnson’s wife, which was her only claim to fame until she started a designer jeans company Jeans for Real Women, or in Oprah’s words: “Jeans for women with real booties.” So here I am in my Real Bootie Designer Jeans, ready to trek through the jungle and follow the special washing instructions at the same time. Now that is a real woman.


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